Saturday, September 29, 2012

HOW TO PUT ADHITHALAM ..............

My son today joined in a Music class.  They taught him how to do thalam and all.

He come and asked me mummy how to put Adhithalam.  I am zero in this subject, I got the help from my sister.  She told me to see the you tube, I saw and learnt and informed to my son too.

I would like to share that you tube video to you also.


Friday, September 28, 2012


A scribe for a student with a disability is the person's official writer or amanuensis.  Having a scribe is an accommodation for persons who need assistance with the life skill of writing in order to have equal access to education under the law.  In a sense scribes are the "hands" of the person who has a disability that affects writing


Scribes are employees of the college and need to project a professional demeanor.  This means they arrive on time for the class, stay for the entire class and perform their job responsibilities in a professional manner.  Scribes follow classroom professor's rule i.e regarding eating/drinking in the classroom, safety, proper attire (especially in science labs) etc.


Scribes write only what the person with a disability tells them to write (answers to questions on a quiz or test, the steps to a math problem, etc) Scribes are not tutors; they are not to assist the person with a disability in doing the work itself or to effect the outcome with a disability in doing the work itself or to effect the outcome of an assignment or test in any way other than writing what the student dictates.  Scribes cannot be enrolled in the same course as the student with a disability. 


Scribes are not allowed to elaborate on what is being written.  They are not allowed to answer or explain anything to the student on assignments, tests pr quizzes.  They are not allowed to define vocabulary words or give "hints" of any type.  Students should be directed to their professors if they have questions.


This means that in the classroom and other settings, scribes should be as "invisible" as possible.  They should not participate in classroom discussions or engage in extraneous conversation with the student with a disability or others in the classroom.  They should not be a distraction to anyone in the classroom. 


The contents of tests and quizzes are confidential, as is information regarding the student and his/her disability or personal information.  No information should be shared with anyone outside the "scribing" situation.  If either testing or student confidentiality are thought to be compromised.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


It is a well known that Ajit has done a cameo in yesteryear sensational actress Sridevi's come back movie English Vinglish (Angilam Vangilam in Tamil)

The story is about a house wife who desires to learn English, struggles to learn the language.

Three men paly key roles in her life to come out from her insecurities.  Adil Hussain who will be playing he role of Sridevi's husband, Arabic French Actor Mehdi Nebbou one of her co-stars and Ajith Kumar who meets her at airport and travels with her to the US are the influential persons in her life in English Vinglish directed by Gauri Shinde.

In Hindi Version Amitab Bachchan will be seen in the role performed by Ajith.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Famous Actress Rohini .. become a director.  The film name is "appavin meesai".  The shooting is going on in Kolkata.  In this film Pasupathy & Nair are playing in an important role.

Rohini was acted in a tamil films like magalir mattum, aasai, virumandi etc,  She too acted in Telugu and Malayalam film. 

A good actress now taking another avathar as Director.

Let us see her talent...........

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Controversial spiritual leader Nithyananda is likely to be a part of reality show “BIG BOSS”.  He was in news after an actress accused him of raping her.

His spokesperson said in a statement that godman has been approached earlier, and it is too early to confirm or deny

During the last season of the show Swami Agnivesh entered “big boss” house to promote and create awareness on social issues like corruption etc.
Show cost Salman Khan has promised that the content this season will be cleaner and suitable for family-viewing, considering that it will be aired at Prime time 9 PM

The show is set to hit from October 7 on Colors Channel


We can easily find one person's health through their nail.  The important thing for Nail  is Iron and Calcium.  So a person should eat fruits and vegetables which are having Iron and Calcium.  Then only their nails will grow.

Some people's Nail will always broken.  For them they have to apply baby oil on their nails. Then the nail will not broken.

Never use Nail polish remover.  Because it is harm to the nails.  Use the Remover and glycerin.  

Never shape the nails while they are in wet.  There is chances of broken.

Keep your nails healthy ..................

Monday, September 24, 2012


Veteran Malayalam actor Thilakan died in a Hospital in 

Thiruvananthapuram early on Monday morning.  He was 74 

years old.

He has admitted to Hospital with pneumonia and was on 

ventilation and died of a heart failure.

He began his acting career in this intermediate days, had 

been associated with several drama toups in his early days.  

In 1979 he entered in to film with a minor role.   Since then 

he had acted in more than 200 films and won several national 

and state awards.  He won the National Award for Best 

supporting actor in 1988.  He had won best actor award 

thrice.  The actor was awarded the Padmashree in 2009.  His 

last release film is USTAD HOTEL .  

Friday, September 21, 2012



Daily eat any of the above fruits .

In the meantime if you feel thirsty or hungry please eat PUFFED RICE, BUTTER MILK, WHEAT UPMA like that.

Also drink the following juices without adding sugars.

Lemon juice .. 200ml
curry leaves soup .. 100 ml
Banana stem soup .. 100 ml
Amla soup .. 100 ml
Coriander soup .. 100 ml

For Non-veg .. 

Egg .. 1 no. (Only white)
Fish .. 2 pieces 
Chicken .. 100 gms (boiled one)

Kindly eat the above and live healthy


Thursday, September 20, 2012


Suriya’s Role as a righteous cop in “SINGAM” was one of 

his career-best performances.  The film’s commercial 

success led to remakes such as Singam in Hindi, Kempe 

Gowda in Kannada and Shatru in Bengali.

Director Hari is helming 'Singam 2', which is a sequel to 

the 2010 smash hit 'Singam', with actors Suriya, Hansika 

Motwani and Anushka Shetty in the lead roles. 

Comedians Santhanam and Vivek have also been roped in 

to provide some comic moments.

Rohit Shetty directed the Hindi version with Ajay Devgn 

and Kajal Agarwal. The film was a box-office winner and 

made its way into the prestigious Bollywood's 'Rs.100 

crore' club.

Devi Sri Prasad has been signed on to compose music for 

'Singam 2', and the composer has already stared 

composing tunes.

"Having fun in the studio composing for Singam 2. Suriya 

came and spent some time. We all had a great time," Devi 

tweeted recently.

Meanwhile, Suriya's upcoming Tamil film 'Maattrraan' is 

slated to release in October.

Welcome SINGHAM………………….

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

waist reduction programme

Please do the following and keep yourself fit

1. Do not drink Tea or coffee in the morning. Instead you drink hot water with lemon juice and honey.

2. White pumpkin,juice and Banana Stem juice daily drink

3. Daily eat one apple

4. Avoid chips, papad etc.

5. Always eat boiled food

6. Never eat high calorie food.  If you want to eat continuously eat rice pori or vegetable salad.

7. After 10 minutes of  eating, drink  hot water which will reduce the cholesterol

8. Never eat the food while watching the television.

9.Daily eat a small onion which will avoid cholesterol.

Please follow the above and keep your waist line.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


84 year old famous Actor and comedian Loose Mohan died today. He is a first comedian who spoke in Chennai language. 

He acted more than 1000 films.  He Acted with Rajnikanth, Kamalhasan, Sivakumar and Parthiban too. 

His three daughters named Revathi, Geetha and Lakshmi were very much missed their daddy.
He was sick for the past one year.  Today morning he cannot able to breath hence he has taken to the near by hospital.  On the way he died.

His body kept for public homage in his house at Mylapure.  All the cine actors and actress were visited and give  homage to Loose Mohan.

Though his body may go but his fame will not go............

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

85 feet Hanuman .. BUT NOT IN INDIA

The Lord Hanuman .. height is 85 feet .. but not in India in Central Trinidad which has large influential population of  Indian Origin .

Monday, September 10, 2012


There is no medicine which will cure the Cancer fully.  To control the cancer there are so many research are being done by so many scientists.  

Recent research done by Yarcsayar Cancer Institute . in   London found that Vitamin A will cure the cancer,

The main cause of cancer is Malignant cells,  Vitamin A is having the power to control its growth.  They also advised for the Vitamin A medicines as well as food too.

If you consume Vitamin A foods like Fish, Carrot, Red Pepper and Vegetables daily the you can prevent the cancer. But should not consume Vitamin A tablets.

Prevent cancer by consuming Vitamin A foods. 


It is well known fact that girls will not love a boy who is torturing her about past life.  

** Easy going boys are always welcomed by girls.
** humorous boys has added advantage
** The boy should not tell about other girl's beauty in front of his girl friend.
** Honesty boys

Chocolate boys are not liked by most of the girls.  Those who are treating the love as a time pass so they will see the chocolate boys as their partner for time being.

Now a days love is changing and lovers too. 

What to do..... this is life.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Red Capsicum .. 2 nos. 
Red Chilies .. 4nos. 
Gram dhall .. 1 spoon
Urud dhal .. 1 spoon
Garlic . 8 pieces
Tamarind ..  small size
Gingilee oil .. 1 table spoon
Mustard .. 1 spoon
salt .. to taste

Remove the seeds from capsicum and cut in to big pieces

Take one pan and put the oil, when the oil heat put the Urud dal and gram dal and fry till it brown and after that add garlic and red chilli.  After that  add Capsicum and fry it little and add tamarind and make it cool.  

Grind the above items in a coarse form and after that season with curry leaves and heat the oil and put the mustard in to it.  When it splutters put on the chutney and mix well and serve.

You can add Green chilli instead of red chilli also.  But the colour will be little bit lighter when you add.  But the taste will remain same.

Prepare, serve and eat ...........

Monday, September 3, 2012


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Saturday, September 1, 2012


SRIDEVI .. Born in 13.08.1963 .. All India Actress acted in all the films like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada & Telugu ... etc

At this 49, she is fit and fiddle.  The reason is diet, power yoga and a love and quality of the time she spends with her daughters.

She married Boni Kapoor in 1996 

She never eat fried food.

Face is the reflection of mind.  Whatever is available inside the mind will reflect on the face.  So keep your mind happy then the happiness will automatically come in to your face.

Follow SRIDEVI and be happy, fit and look young.