Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nobody is useless. We are just used less,........

Nobody is useless. We are just used less, Either use yourselve or find someone who knows to use you.
What more what else what next
The 3 magical questions that propel progress
There is no easy way to the top and those who made it to the top didn’t  make it easy
A “take diversion” can’t stop the journey.  Temporary setbacks should never alter your focus.  Keep going, Keep on going.
Always hold yourself to standards higher than what the world expects of you.  In everything, go the extra mile.
Whatever goes, gracefully let it go, whatever comes, gratefully accept it.  Gracefully and gratefully flow with the flow.
Live to express and not to impress
This is the only life you have got to be you. So, live up to your originality.
Objects in the Mirror are closer than they appear.  Problems are smaller than they appear, when you begin to face them,
Some use their judgement to find fault in anything,  Some use their judgement to appreciate everything
If you leave petty issues petty your life will be pretty
If you make petty issues pretty your life will become petty
Never look back at decisions with regrets. But also, never hesitate to make new decisions, if the old decisions weren’t right

Sunday, February 2, 2014



Positive attitude is the key to success in life.  Office is a great place to start.  Here are 12 aspects of attitude that can help you gain success at work.

 ** INFECTIOUS ENTHUSIASM.. The world belongs to the enthusiastic

**STAY CALM .. Office is not the place for emotions

** EXCELLENCE IS KEY  .. How well you do a job Is more important than how fast you do it.
** MAXX COMMITMENT .. There are no half hearted champions
** BE PROACTIVE .. Tomorrow is never a good day, start today
** CREATIVITY HELPS .. Take the risk to explore new ideas
** EXECUTE, EXECUTE ..An idea delivered is 100x more than an idea in the mind
** KEEP SMILING .. Have a positive attitude to your colleagues
**OPEN YOUR MIND .. Learning is a sure way for success
** SEEK SOLUTIONS .. Donot get bogged down by challenges
**FOCUS .. Office politics saps you and your time
** TAKE RESPONSIBILITY .. Never in your life say “ it is not  my job”