Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It is well known fact that yoga  does not need any instruments.  We can use only our body and mind.  If we do yoga pranayama .. our blood circulation will improve.

If we do other exercise and stop the weight will increase immediately.  But if we stop doing yoga also our weight will not increase suddenly. 

But reduction of weight in yoga will do very  late.  But a six months yoga's effect will continue till 1.1/2 years.  

All the persons are having 24 hours. Time management is needed.   Night it self we have to keep  all the vegetables and dresses and have to go to bed early.  and wake up early in the morning and do yoga.

If you do daily 20 minutes yoga and your body will be fresh for  16 hours.    We can also do yoga after completing all the work at 11 am  but you should complete your  breakfast before  8.30 am.  
You can also do yoga in the evening.  But do not do yoga in the afternoon.

Do yoga and lead healthy life.