Thursday, August 9, 2012


EVER LOVING HEROINE TRISHA is in love with Actor Rana.  It is a hot news in the Cine Industry.  This Rana is from affluent family.

Rana  is a Play Boy and he has been rumored in connection with several actresses.  His father is Director Suresh Babu, and his uncles are Nagarjuna and Venkatesh.

Rana introduced in 2010 in a film called Leader and that film went super duper hit and he got more awards as a good actor. Trisha too acted in Telugu films and got friendship with Rana and they both were going so many places together, but they are strongly opposing that they are not lovers only friends..

But recently both were given poses to a English book about their intimacy.  It seems both would announce their love for each other.

Though Rana was talked with Shreya, Geneelia and Nayanthara too, and finaly Trisha.....

Let it be the last one.

Trisha and Rana .. Wish them for their happy married life...