Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Life is what you fill its blanks

Role model.. I understand people will follow my example and not my advice

Acceptance .. I understand acceptance is to accept People as they are, including their inability to accept me as I am

Time .. I understand deep relationships are built only through investment of time and communication

Standpoint .. I understand if I don’t say no Within a relationship, then one day I will have to say no To the relationship

Expectiation .. I understand it is foolish to stand under a mango tree expecting organges.  So I will see others as they are, and not as how I want them tobe

Life .. I understand life hinges on three relationships
          My relationship with myself
          My relationship with others, and
          My relationship with Him

Freedom    ..I will go in to any relationship
                   Looking at what I can give
                  And not what I can receive

EGO           I understand when ego comes everything else goes;
                  When ego goes everything else comes

Empathy .. Understand relationship is not built on agreement, 
                but it built by understanding

Security..    I understand people relate to me much more for what 
                  they can be  with me than what I am with them

Forgiveness .. I will drop hatred by forgiving others and drop guilt by forgiving myself.

Love I understand love is love, only when what you do and do not do  does not alter my love for you.

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