Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Make the impossible in to possible.  This is called self confidence.  

Some few tips are there which will build self confidence.

Dress sharp .. .. Spend twice as much and buy half as much .. rule says buying bunch of cheap clothes buy half high quality things.  In longer run it decreases spending because expensive clothes wear out less easily and stay in style longer than cheap cloths also helps to reduce the clutter in your closet.

Walk faster
People with confidence walk quickly.
They have places to go, people to see and important work to do... though if you are not in a hurry you can increase your some pep in your step, walking 25% faster will make to you look and feel more important.

When you focus on too much on what you want the mind creates a reason why you cannot have it.  This deals you to dwell on your weakness. The best way to avoid this consciously focus on gratitude.

....  ..... ....  ....

There are few more