Thursday, July 5, 2012



If your fall sick you will go to doctor, like wise our hair too need treatment.

1.       Every time apply coconut oil(Pure) and wash your hair with shikakai powder or gram dhal (Kadalai mavu) powder
2.       Always keep a separate comb.  Never use metal combs, It is better to use wooden combs, which will increase the blood circulation on the scalp
3.       To control the hair fall, apply castor oil & coconut oil 2:1 ratio and apply on the scalp.  Dip one towel and hot water and squeeze and tie on the head.  You can feel the heat is coming on your head.  When the Heat OFF again do the same procedure. After that wash your hair with shampoo this will stop the hair falling.
4.       LAST but not the least.. add the buttermilk with shikakai and apply on your scalp and wash .  This is best medicine for the hair growth.
Follow the above tips and keep your hair growing……