Sunday, July 15, 2012


Be content.... it is word I learnt from my personal experience I would like to share with my friends.   Please read
In Tamil a proverb is there .. Podhum endra manamay pon seiyum marundhu ( be content with what you are having).  My close friend was my neighbour too, since the childhood itself he wants a costly toy, costly dresses and Car transportation only.  He will not go in bus.  Though they are not that much rich, his mom will not allow him to go by walk/bus.  His father does not like, but his words has got no worth so he kept quite.

When the life cycle runs he got married and settled in abroad.  Yesterday I saw him.  I was shocked, he dint shave properly.
I asked him what happened?  He was a good earner, but he lost all his earnings by buying unnecessary things and when money was not there he asked the money from the money lender for interest.  Now he cannot able to feed to his family too.  I took him to my  house.  My dad advised him that be content with what you are having, this was informed to you by you dad in the beginning itself, but you never care for that, now you are not able to survive.  He cried a lot lot..... but it is too late.......

It is a lesson for all.