Saturday, February 4, 2012


I need ten rupees.  Can you give me please? I will return it .  This is the discussion between  lovers in a park, where I went along with my son for playing.

He checked his purse, pant pocket, shirt pocket every where, but he couldn't get that.  I saw the girl's face, she too looked at the boy as if her need is very urgent .  She told that I want to buy medicine for my mom, I forgot to bring my purse that is why I asked you,  He didn't open his mouth.The girl seems to be crying.

I too was watching the conversation and I saw the boy was keeping 1000, 500,100 rupees notes in his purse.  The girl too saw that.
Finally the boy found a 20 rupee note and gave it to her and keeping his face very rude.  She took that 20 rupees and went very fast.  After 15 minutes the girl came back and return the 20 rupees to him.  He too took it back  and told  that girl while you are coming out bring your purse or else do not buy anything if you do not have money.  Don't beg from me.

The girl's face was blushed she bow down and removed her slipper and beat herself and went out with a big cry.

That boy didn't care for that.  He too went away after 5 minutes.

My opinion is she shouldn't have behaved like that.  Why should she lose her self-respect?  Even to a beggar we are giving 10/20 rupees, she seems to be his lover, is she not worth even that?!!!!!!!!!!. 

 Why is he so particular about the money?  So many questions in my mind?

My son asked me mumma why that aunty is crying, don't u have that much money? why u didn't give her?