Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I read in one Tamil book about MICROSOFT POWER POINT.  Before reading that book I was so afraid of operating the Power Point.  After reading that I found it  very easy.  I would like to share that with you.

1. CREATING BACKGROUND.. An attractive background gives your slide a professional look.
click format menu -- background
the background window will appear
click on more colours to get a wider range of colours

For special effects follow these steps.
click the arrow next to the drop down box
click fill effects  
Fill effects dialog box will appear
Go to colour section and select the shading styles
Fill effects with texture and pattern tabs, picture tabs

You can also select a background from the large collection of backgrounds of power point's design templates.

click format menu .. slide design
slide design pane shows a large collection of themes to chose from
click the arrow next to the template you have choosen
choose apply to all sides  or apply to selected slides

If you want to remove the graphics
Click format .. background
Omit background graphics from Master

You can also add music & sound to your presentation.

click insert menu
click movies and sounds from the drop down menu
click movie from file
click the "insert movie dialog box" Look in drop down box to locate your sound file
click ok

Do you find the above points useful.