Sunday, November 13, 2011


This year lover's day I met one pair in the temple.

You may think that why I am telling after 8 months. 

They to day  come to my home and invited me for their marriage.

That Boy very fair in colour and toll and handsome and the girl contrary to the boy.  They both were hold their hands and were sitting on the temple.   I just saw them and I too sat near to them.  They just put their friendly smile, to reciprocate me too smiled.

He immediately start telling about him he is an Orphan he saw that girl who is a regular visitor of that orphanage since child hood and from that child hood onwards he loves her and he wants to marry her.  I was totally embarrassed and I donot have any words to tell. 

But her side they are not accepting this love and they are totally against this love.   That girl told that I am loving him  but my parents are more important then him.  If they agree I will marry him otherwise I will not get in to this married life.  I told them be patience.  You are telling to me in front of god.  God knows what is good for you people.  Before the end of this year you will get good results.   Then they started, you know he carried her on his arm.  Yes she is not having both the legs. She lost her legs in one accident when she was 10 years old. 

I prayed the god and god has given green signal.  22nd of this month their marriage.  Definitely I will go and bless them.  Please I need your blessings too.  Please bless them