Friday, August 1, 2014


Social media or otherwise the top most requirement is to do "workload analysis" of every job.  If employees get time to interact on social media then it goes on to show that they have time to do that.  

Kindly analyse  the following:-

** Have you devised the proper measures of performance?
**Have you given your employees, "stretched goals"?
**Are they measures adequate?
** Has "performance measurement system" (PMS) well instituted in your company?

** You may give employees target to leave office by 1800 hours or when the offices close exactly.  Whoever is staying extra, calculate their extra stay per day and ask for explanation.  Once you control their overstay, Managers and Employees will start running around to complete their work during the same time.  I have seen this happening in one Indian Pharma MNC.  The appointed on Expatriate (British) CEO.  Sooner he took over, the first thing he did was to impose ban on working beyond specified working hours.  In fact after doing this employees are happy and their productivity is increased. 

Kindly analyse the work in your company also and be smart enough...............

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