Thursday, August 28, 2014

As the saying goes " Nothing is good or bad it is the thinking that makes it so." Start thinking positive and feel good about yourself and you will find that things start looking up once again. Here are a few pointers to help you develop a positive Mental Attitude. Follow it and start feeling good about yourself.

1. Choose to have a great attitude - Successful people have chosen their attitude. Many folks tell me, “Gee, I’m usually in a good mood.” Catch the difference there? Right – ‘usually.’ You see, a mood is temporary and an attitude is permanent. What we have found is that successful people with a great attitude are able to get out of a bad mood quicker than those who don’t have a great attitude.
2. Visualize success - Successful people visualize themselves being successful. It doesn’t mean you’ll always get what you visualize, but it really helps to visualize what you need. Think about American Idol. Every one of those contestants firmly believe they have a chance of winning. And the successful cyclist Lance Armstrong, winner of 7 Tour de France, never saw himself losing. Visualizing success does help.
3. Energy, humor and enthusiasm - Successful people walk differently. Watch how people walk – even in the parking lot. It’s a special energy. Those who keep their head up high and have a gait that’s a tad faster than just lollygagging along seem to have the attitude that makes them successful. Show me the slow, drag your feet, head down walker and I’ll show you someone who, in all probability, isn’t as successful as he’d like to be. And we know from all the very successful comedians, successful people laugh a lot. They enjoy making others laugh. Laughter is contagious. Successful people with a good attitude tend to find humor in things quickly.
4. Resist negative tendencies - Successful individuals stay away from negative tendencies. Successful people with a good attitude resist becoming part of others negativity. They feel better for it and their attitude stays in check.
5. Be a ‘whatever it takes’ person - Seems it’s real easy to turn customers (or anyone) down and not make a second effort. Successful people are what we call double checkers. They look for positive alternatives. Their attitude tells them to double check the situation and offer a positive alternative.
6. Accept change - Things didn’t go your way? You couldn’t/didn’t get what you want? Successful people can accept change and move on or forward much better than others.
7. Be grateful for what you have - Those that are successful with a good attitude are most often void of jealousy. They share. They help. They donate. They are genuinely happy for others. Are you?
8. Smile - We know the most successful individuals with that great attitude SMILE – a lot!