Sunday, October 28, 2012


Those with the letter "R" as the first letter 

of their names will be 

** affectionate

** intelligent

** capable 

** philanthropic

As the rays of the sun fall on this letter 

and are diverted towards the right side, 

they will be imaginative and soft-spoken

will volunteer social service,  will be 

interested in fine arts will respect women 

and will be affectionate towards children;

will be good thinkers;  will be prone to get 

water-related diseases; will not be able to 

take firm decisions;  will be very

hospitable; will respect all the five 

elements of nature;  will shine in the fields 

of arts, cinema print media, agriculture

government jobs, spirituality etc...

They will not get involved in the 

happenings in the family;  will not be

free with relatives;  will believe in 

hard work and will have many friends;  

will prove their capacity on many 

occasions;  some might be fortunate to 

becomes rulers;  will earn fame and 

money  during their middle age; will 

have people around them waiting for 

their advice, will be intensely interested

in meditation, metaphysics, medicine, 

pranayama and supernatural things; some

might enter politics and become powerful;

will never let down those who trust them; 

will be liked by all due to their soft talk, 

graceful gait sweet voice and 

compassion; should be careful with those

born on dates 9,18,27 should stay away

from issues that do not concern them.

People with letters A,C,I,T as the first 

letter of their names will be very 

supportive to them