Thursday, January 12, 2012

BENEFIT OF YOGA.. Natures greatest gift

Couples of decades before most of the people have misunderstood that Yoga is not for a common man.

It is for particular religion and it will affect the normal life by making us to lead a saint life away from families.

Now-a-days yoga has gained popularity because of its amazing benefits to our mind and body by making it fit and healthy and makes to feel fresh and active.

Our happiness and sorrow depend upon our thoughts.  We are often the reason for our own suffering.  Nature's greatest gift is our FIVE SENSES.

If we are able to control our senses and live y our intellect alone we would all be well.  But often we become salves to our senses thus enemies o our own well being.  One important fact we must know that we are what we eat.

Even vedic scriptures point out that our qualities are manifest in the kind of food we take.  It has been scientifically proven that consuming meat in any form causes aggression.  Lack of control over the mind may lead to mistakes, misdeeds, and regretful actions.  Dedicated practice of yoga along with regulated breathing strategy can help revive the inner physical discipline, often treating chronic ailments such as diabetes, asthma all respiratory problems, blood pressure, heart problems piles, obesity, stress, hypertension, menstrual disorder, hypo or hyper thyroid etc. 

Eat healthy, do yoga and live healthy