Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hello friends,

Now the usage of  Air conditioner has increased drastically.  Now-a-days it is like a breath of a person.  Without Air conditioner most of the people cannot live.

If you are in home or office or any other hotels means you do not have any problem because air conditioner is running.  But if you are going out by walking that too terrific summer means you cannot bear the heat.

To save those people, JAPAN has manufactured a shirt. Which is like a Rain coat.  Inside that shirt they have fixed two high voltage batteries and two fans.  The fan will manufacture the air of 20 lit air per minute. The shirt can withstand the cool air through out the day.

If you wear the shirt you can feel that you are inside the air conditioner.

The cost is also cheap when comparing to other airconditioner.

Hence there is a huge demand in Japan

We wish we should get this type of Air conditioner in India also so that we should not suffer much.