Sunday, December 8, 2013


Most of the teens are are very much afraid of pimple.  If one comes on the face immediately our tensions mounts and  will apply all the cream.  But the pimple will go after a week or so with a black mark on the face cos of the chemical substances on the creams.

Instead of creams you can use natural ingredients available at home like mustard, multani metti, and sandal it will go off within 2 days.  But if you use ice cubes it will vanish within a day

But there are methods that are to be followed before applying ice cubes on the acne.

1. Wash your face with warm water and face wash.  Pls remember dont touch the pimple

2. Rub atleast 5 ice cubes  on the pimples

3. Remove the pimple area by a soft cloth.  

4. You can rub the pimple area with ice cubes twice a day then you can find your face looking beautiful.

Cool and enjoy.