Tuesday, July 2, 2013


It is a well known fact that we can keep our face glow with the kitchen items.  But this is new that Mustard can make magic on our face.  Please do the following and keep your skin glow:-

1. 1 table spoon mustard
    2 table spoon rose or lavender oil and mix well
    apply this mixer on your face and rub it for 3-4      
    minutes then wash it.  This will remove the dust 
    on your face and make it glow

2.  For removing the black heads on our face
      massage this mixture on the face 
      1 table spoon mustard
      1 table spoon lemon juice
      1 table spoon honey
     After massaging wash it with cold water.  This 
     will also keep away the dead cells.

3. This is scrubber too.  Mix one table spoon milk cream and one table spoon mustard and apply this mixture on the face for 3-4 minutes and wash it 

Apply mustard on your face and keep your looks beautiful.

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