Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Not for one, but for every one cash box is important, now a days moral things are disappears, only money is occupying in our lives, we are not looking for other needs, we need only money. We can buy anything with money, but we cannot buy some things in this world, for example, we cannot buy mothers love. Its wonderful gift from God to us.

We have to earn money for our livelihood but we should not live for money, if we have capability and strength, do hard work, then money will automatically come. Don't go and search for money, it will be with you if you do hard work.

Now we are discussing some points on money matters.
Very small points.

1. If you are facing problems with debts, then do one thing, dig one sump at North east corner at your compound.

2. Heighten the south side and possible construct pail or dais at south sides.

3. North side lower (depression) can easily gives you money. Extra income will flow to you.

4. North Eshan (Northeast-north) corner street focus will gives you plenty of money. Try for this street focus road houses.

6. Jewellery or Gold Ornaments are best to keep at Southwest portion of the house, in India, we can safe them in Bank lockers, but in foreign countries NRI's are keeping ornaments in houses only, don't keep ornaments at Northwest or Southeast particularly don't keep at Northeast corners. Best suitable direction is Southwest corner, if not available to keep, then second best is South or West directions.

6. The currency chest always placed at Southwest corner of the southwest room in a house. So that it gains enormous Eshan corner focus, and money never go out easily.