Saturday, June 16, 2012


One of my friend today informed me about the website for I.A.S (Indian Administrative Service) examination details.  Those wants to achieve with authoritative they prefer I.A.S as their ambition.

To encourage those guys, First in Tamil Nadu Namakkal District Department has opened I.A.S. TRAINING CENTRE.  This centre is having all the infrastructural and the total cost incurred is ~48 lakhs.

The Namakkal Collector Mr.Kumaragurubaran informed that if any body wants any clarification rearding I.A.S. examination they can contact his mail i.d.  Collector Kumaragurubaran informed that upto this date he got more than 250 emails seeking so many clarifications about I.A.S. examination.   He too replied all the emails. 

Those who got replies from him are very much thankful.  However all the persons should know about I.A.S examinations and which subject will give them more marks and what are all the reference books.

Collector Kumaragurubaran informed that most of the emails are asking specific questions.  Hence he made a book which contains 30 pages and he released in this website

All the candidates can get in to this website and let them clarify themselves.

He also informed that if any questions about I.A.S. examination let them ask through email also, I am here to help them.

Wow what a collector.

Hats off to him.....