Saturday, December 3, 2011


It was the full moon day.  I just think of my neighbor aunty.  Still I remember the first day I met.  She wore blue colour saree and put long plate and bindi (kumkum) on her forehead and smiled and invited us to her house.

I was in my 9th Standard I do not know somewhat I like that aunty.  She was very smart and i never saw her with siting idle.  Always doing something, cooking, cleaning garden, cleaning the house, playing with her children and cutting vegetables, washing the cloths, cleaning the vessels etc.

One day I asked what aunty are you not getting tired whole day you are working and only sleeping in the night and every day morning you are waking by 5 am.  She tapped on my cheek and laughed and told that why you are seeing me as I am doing work.  It is not a work, it is my duty, If I perform my duty well and god will give me everything whatever I need (please see .. she dint inform that whatever I want).  It was the habit i learn from her which helped me a lot in my daily day to day life.

To-day morning my brother called me and informed that the aunty died today.  I cried cried a lot and I went and saw her body.  Whenever we are visitng their house, she used to call me va va (come come) like that, today no one is there to call me but only her rememberence.