Saturday, February 12, 2011



I would like to share with you a love story.

If you wish to read kindly go ahead.


This is the word has come into her mind when she entered in to the married life.

Though she is not adamant in character but her husband wants her to obey him as his thought about his wife as a slave.

She doesnot care about that and she carry on her day to day life.

Life went on without any changes.

One day she went to One shop for buying a toy for her son.

That shop man gave that toy and he collect the money. But by mistake he gave back more money.

she did-not notice and she gave the balance money to her husband.

On that evening that shop keeper came to her house and informed that i returned extra Rs.500/- can you please kindly return that amount otherwise my shop owner will take my salary. I am belongs to a poor family, i cannot afford that much. He seems to cry.

She went and asked her husband. But her husband told that no extra money you gave the correct change only. Why that shop keeper is coming to our house. Who gave our address to him like that and all asked and without any reason he slapped her. She knew this is not new to her, she went inside and informed her son to inform to that man to go out.

That man shocked and see her husband as a worm and went away.

First time this incident hurted her a lot and she thought why i should live like this. What happiness I am getting...................???